Meet The Squad


With over 10 years of fitness study, Level 4 Strength and Conditioning coach Ryan Gray has acquired a Bachelor of Science Honours degree in Health, Exercise and Fitness as well as other highly accredited training qualifications in his field. Since being a trainer he has had the opportunity to work with Lincoln city & Grimsby Town footballers, national ranked swimmers and tennis players and professional mountain bike and BMX riders. He also had the privilege to work with an international ranked para-cyclist and written programs for a Love Island and U.S celebrity TV star. Among these great accomplishments Ryan has also been able to assist local residents such as Ron Reynolds who after years of not being able to ride a bike, with the help and guidance from Ryan, can now cycle the roads of Louth and surrounding areas. Ryan has also written 3 fat loss diet programs which are available to buy at the "Feel Good Studio & Gym Shop" online today.


Working as a lifeguard Lucy was given an opportunity to develop as a gym and fitness instructor in 2016. She has since qualified as a Level 2 Instructor, Level 3 in personal training and she is also a Les MillsĀ  advanced instructor. She has now been practicing as an instructor for over 2 years and has been a personal trainer for a year giving her the opportunity to train local residents and gym members. She has created a number of personal programs as well as nutrition guides for her clients to help them with fitness and diet. Lucy also offers health advice to Feel Good members and is always willing to assist anyone around the gym with equipment use as well as exercise ideas to help build physique or improve fitness.

Mia name

Trainee Mia has been into sports and fitness since she was a young girl. She has always loved keeping fit and being active. When hearing about the opportunity at Feel Good Gym Mia was excited to start her training as a Level 2 instructor and Level 3 personal trainer and after a hard year in 2017 she was keen to get back to a good healthy fitness regime. Mia has spoken about how going back to the gym and being part of the Feel Good family has not only helped her physically but mentally and she is looking forward to seeing where her new training as an instructor and personal trainer will take her in the future.